Lyrics by: Gary Barlough

Music by: Robert Balow, Gary Barlough,

Moon Otter Wallace, Thomas Strickfaden II


Every word you hear them say
I know you feel that it’s in the way
But if we took away that pain
Wouldn’t you feel it, anyway?
Gather ‘Round…
Mend the seas in a sea of hope
How can you live at the end of a rope?
It comes to you, in thin disguise
What mists of birth and death divide
Gather ‘Round…


We came around with a taste for daylight
It was a feast for all
Dance and sing in the midnight sun
Eyes of Love and feet of fun
Can your song like a seed fly open?
As your days unwind
In the meadow clear,
Well, wherever you run
You feel the light when the day is done…


The Candle burns so clean and bright
Shadows flee, when you hold on tight
In-between all the colors seen
Seems to be just an endless dream
Gather ‘Round…


© Circus Train, Andora Media Publishing, BMI, 1999


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