Lyrics by: Gary Barlough

Music by: Robert Balow, Gary Barlough,

Moon Otter Wallace, Thomas Strickfaden II


You and me, we’ll make a stand
Come on, all across this land
Want to feel, Earth beneath
Driven feet, everyone has to
Make it real…
Through the sign wave,
The all complete sign
And make it real
Don’t delay
No time to waste,
For you will hear…
I want to know,
Why you came,
Across this land,
A distant land,
To reawake,
and you say…
Make me
Make me one with you
Make us feel what you are
So complete, so true,
Make us real
Make us real again


Oh, what you know
I can only guess
No we’re here, won’t you tell us the rest,
And make us real,
Make us feel,
Make us feel whole,
Once again


Now we’ve found you,
Show us your face
Now we’ve traveled
All of this way
This last outpost,
So close to death
Sing songs that heal
And bring to birth
The final Call
The key to soul
The Love you bring,
To make us one…


© Circus Train, Andora Media Publishing, BMI, 1999

MAKE US REAL – lyric

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