Lyrics by: Gary Barlough

Music by: Robert Balow, Gary Barlough,

Moon Otter Wallace, Thomas Strickfaden II


Is that you breathing in the dark?
That dark will rip your soul apart
Know where you’ve gone to
Someone awaits
For you with Loving arms embrace
Foreign breezes that blow
Come to you, like a bird on show
A tune we all know very well
Is calling from the throne
Full of rhymes and reasons
We don’t know


Though you’re breathing your song
You can’t afford a reason
To gather ‘round too long
Satisfy a promise in you
Old and new
And follow the sunray to your home


You still ain’t breathing that bad
Till your lover leaves you high and flat
Though the walls are burning down
And breezes call your name
Can you see the candle in the night?


Love will reveal a shining face
Come to you as breezes, shadows gone
Welcoming a promise to the sun
Hold that minute, Love that day,
Won’t you do the same
From that bleeding, lead a shout away
Love will reveal a shining face
Like a river through the night,
Bringing love by candlelight
She’ll pull you in and your Love won’t feel the same


© Circus Train, Andora Media Publishing, BMI, 1999

SUNRAY – lyric

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